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Date Model Description Version Download File
2018/06/29 CAPA312 Audio Driver VA1.1 126,581.6KB
2018/06/29 CAPA312 LAN Driver VA1.1 278,053.6KB
2018/06/29 CAPA312 TXE Driver VA1.1 78,890.7KB
2018/06/29 CAPA312 Graphic Driver VA1.1 227,710.1KB
2018/06/29 CAPA312 Chipset Driver VA1.1 2,597.5KB
2018/06/25 CEM313 Graphic Driver VA1.1 227,262.4KB
2018/06/25 CEM313 LAN Driver VA1.1 43,036.4KB
2018/06/25 CEM313 Serial IO Driver VA1.1 2,432.2KB
2018/06/25 CEM313 TXE Driver VA1.1 78,890.1KB
2018/06/25 CEM313 Chipset Driver VA1.1 2,580.8KB


Date Model Description Version Download File
2018/06/25 tBOX324-894-FL CANBUS Utility VA1.1 237,703.9KB
2018/05/22 AXView 2.0 AXView 2.0 Installer V1.8 with User Manual V1.8 492,544KB
2018/03/14 IFB122 BSP software VA1.2 352,030.9KB
2017/11/30 NA860 Demo utility 39.3KB
2017/09/11 eBOX700-891-FL AX View 2.0 V1.8 582,219.8KB
2017/09/05 eBOX670-891-FL AXView 2.0 V1.8 582,219.8KB
2017/09/05 eBOX670-891-FL DIO Demo V1.1 776.8KB
2017/09/05 eBOX670-891-FL LEDs Demo V1.1 889.4KB
2017/08/14 P1157E-500 Wifi Module VA1.1 539,855.2KB
2017/08/14 P1157E-500 AX-USB30-Utility VA1.1 856.9KB


Date Model Description Version Download File
2018/06/29 CAPA312 User Manual VA2.0 6,339.8KB
2018/06/25 CEM313 User's Manual VA2.0 5,047.3KB
2018/06/25 tBOX324-894-FL tBOX324-894-FL User's Manual VA1_09-08-2017 VA1.1 1,797.4KB
2018/06/25 tBOX324-894-FL tBOX324-894 Quick Manual VA1_09-08-2017.pdf VA1.1 384.8KB
2018/06/14 eBOX670-891-FL User Manual (Simple Chinese version) A4 2,007.2KB
2018/06/13 CAPA318 CAPA318 User's Manual VA2_04-27-2018 VA2.0 5,955.1KB
2018/06/13 PICO316 Quick Manual VA1 181.6KB
2018/06/13 PICO316 User Manual VA1 5,390.8KB
2018/05/30 IFB122 User Manual VA3 803.7KB
2018/05/29 AXView Solar AXView Solution for Solar Energy User Manual- Administrator V1.0.0.1 2,053.8KB

Technical Announcement

Date Model Description Version Download File
2018/05/29 AXView Solar Programming Guide of EApi of AXView 2.0 V1.0.0.1 923.5KB
2018/04/17 SHB130 BIOS_SHB130V107 SHB130V107 5,316.3KB
2018/04/17 SHB130 BIOS_SHB130V207 SHB130V207 5,315.3KB
2015/09/10 rBOX310-4COM AXView for rBOX310-4COM VA1.0 30,360.8KB
2014/02/07 DSB310 DSB310-110_OD-20120423B0 B0 89.6KB
2013/06/25 rBOX120-2COM rBOX120 Linux BSP V1.00 15.0KB
2012/11/29 CEM860 CEM860 Technical Announcement N/A 1,547.3KB


Date Model Description Version Download File
2018/06/27 NA860 CE LVD Verification 1,100.1KB
2018/06/27 NA860 FCC Verification 33.9KB
2018/06/27 NA860 CE-Conformity Declaration 98.5KB
2018/06/27 NA860 CE EMC Verification 31.6KB
2018/05/02 NA361 CE LVD Verification 1,074.1KB
2018/05/02 NA342 CE-Conformity Declaration 97.8KB
2018/05/02 NA361 CE EMC Verification 97.3KB
2018/05/02 NA361 CE-Conformity Declaration 98.4KB
2018/05/02 NA342 CE EMC Verification 38.3KB
2018/04/16 tBOX324-894-FL EN50155 Certificate 263.4KB

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